Couper was here.

"Couper Was Here" is about a homeless woman in San Francisco, Couper, age 45. She is a former firefighter who got injured on the job and lives on a small monthly disability stipend. After her injury and a divorce, she could not afford an apartment in the Bay Area, and subsequently found herself living in a tent.

On the street, she has developed a lifestyle in the encampments with a unique spirit. She employs her paramedic skills for fellow encampment residents who do not seek medical help from hospitals for a variety of reasons, such as feeling shamed by hospital staff for being homeless or on drugs. She regularly administers Narcan to people to stop overdoses and sews up wounds. “I feel I have a purpose on the street. I’ve saved lives out here.” This film follows Couper in her caring for fellow tent-dwellers, and in her quest to find permanent housing in San Francisco.

(Photo: Bethany Herron)



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Interview with Couper and Jane Kim, former San Francisco Supervisor, District 6

Couper and Jane Kim discuss women living on the street, their walk through encampments, and how Couper taught Jane how to lock up her bike properly.

Couper and Monster

Couper describes experiences of using Narcan on her friends to reverse opioid overdoses.

Couper and Moon

Moon is Couper’s friend and her cat’s “baby daddy.” He describes an injury to his hand, and how Couper has helped him.


Nicole Foley, Director

Nicole is a Creative Director who works on storytelling, brand strategy, design, and video with clients ranging from mission-based startups and nonprofits to corporations.

Storytelling has always come naturally to Nicole. A good listener, she recognizes the wisdom in understanding and identifying what is at the heart of a good story to create the right message.

For the last seven years, she has created videos for non-profits, start-ups, and corporations. Her love of documentaries and increasing focus on social justice issues led her to work on topics closer to her heart. Nicole was inspired to show the humanity of homeless people after reading a particularly cold open letter to San Francisco’s then-Mayor Ed Lee by an individual who felt visually inconvenienced by them. She continues to work on topics of injustice, transformation, and the resilience of the human spirit. She lives in San Francisco.

(Photo: Emily Raw)


Director and Executive Producer: Nicole Foley
Producer: Evan Mueller
Cinematographers: Helena Gonzalez, Megan Hague, Eric Herron, Anna Karewicz
Camera Operators: Kelley Cutler, Nicole Foley, Peter Menchini, Evan Mueller
Editors: Eric Herron, Evan Mueller
Sound Engineer: Bethany Herron
Sound Design and Re-recording: Jeremiah Moore
Animator: Adrian Martinez
Colorist: Jack Chavez
Story advisors: David Byars, JR Foley, Sandra Salas, Sharon Wood


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